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Director’s Introduction

Greeting from the Director

The progress of modern medicine is phenomenal, and its capabilities of healing are something spectacular.
However, it does not mean that the number of sick people is decreasing, but instead, unfortunately, the current situation is that the number of sick people is increasing along with the aging society. When thinking about how to cope with the increasing trend of sick people, medicine in future should not be like just repeating treatments after getting sick, but rather, should be like achieving effective treatment outcomes while popularizing proactive prevention methods. This is our mission who involved in medical care, we believe.
In particular, I have been engaged in medical activities with emphasis on preventive medicine. I have been exploring every possible way to prevent an occurrence of people with a disease.

In pursuit of such medical care activities, I accumulated medical knowledge learned in China, Korea, and Japan, studied Oriental and Western medicines further, and devoted my best efforts to prevent every disease, every day up to now.
To reduce disease, one’s attitude of mind from usual times would be important.
For example, if many people always keep in mind about not becoming sick, in daily life, and respond properly to the health issues, the number of diseases would decrease.

I believe that the most basic thing in the social life is neither the social position nor the financial power, but is one’s mental and physical health. In other words, cherishing the mental and physical health would be the very driving force to protect the source of life, and would be the basis of human life.
I sincerely hope that as many as people keep in mind about the healthcare management, and enjoy bright, sound, and healthy living, by keeping this important basic principle.

Researchers who study on various subjects and nurses engaged in patient care every day must keep working on medical care and research in order to save patient’s life as many as possible.

Director’s Profile

Harunori Oda
Director of Oda Clinic
  1. Born in Jilin Province, China in January 1954 (Showa 29).
  2. Graduated from Jilin Province Yanbian Medical School and Jilin Medical College.
  3. Worked at the Department of Surgery, the Second Clinical Hospital, Antu County, Jilin Province.
  4. Dedicated to research activities on biochemical medicine at Jilin Medical College Institute.
  5. Entered the Department of Medicine, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea, in order to broaden the research perspective.

In 1954 (Showa 29), born to parents who migrated to China during the wartime, and grown up in an environment with pediatrician father and pharmacist mother.
After served as Deputy Director at Doujin Hospital in Tokyo, established Healthcare Corporation Association Medical Propulsion Society in 1997 (Heisei 9) and assumed the position of Board Chairperson.
In addition to being the first person who clinically applied immunotherapy to cancer treatments in Japan, which I had been studying for a long time, I developed unique cell culture methods and established NKM Immune Therapy. Currently, by setting up extremely early cancer detection as a theme, we practice preventive medicine mainly through NKM Immune Therapy. We are also working on fundamental research and clinical application of stem cells, which is a field of regenerative medicine.
At the same time, we practice community-based medicine and are gathering deep trust from local residents.
The scope of activities is not limited to Japan but extends to Korea and China, and in Korea, we got an approval from MFDS (Korea Food and Drug Administration) for the first time for a Japanese medical institution.
In China, we are collaborating with multiple medical institutions, mostly with Beijing 301 Hospital, and providing technology.

About Oda Clinic