About Oda Clinic

Reasons why we are chosen

1. Immune Cell Therapy


NKM Immune Cell Therapy

Oda Clinic actively introduces “NKM Immune Cell Therapy” as a cutting-edge regimen and makes use of it in early-stage prevention, detection, diagnosis, and medical care.

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Oda Bio-Immuno Laboratory

We have Oda Bio-Immuno Laboratory in our clinic, and we are consistently working on research in order to confront our patients about their health issues.

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2. Endoscope


In Oda Clinic, we make maximum use of endoscopes manufactured by Olympus and try hard to reduce the burden on patients and the medical expenses and to improve diagnostic accuracy, reliability, and security.

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3. Varieties of specialty and excellent facilities

Excellent facilities

In Oda Clinic, we place “NKM Immune Cell Therapy” and “Endoscope” as key techniques, and provide medical services including general internal medicine and surgery, and together with addressing the patients’ diseases and injuries we also focus on anti-aging. Excellent facilities compared to the scale of the clinic, such as Olympus endoscopes and MDCT, are also being important points of gathering patients’ comfort and trust.

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4. Four languages of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English are available

Four languages are available

In Oda Clinic, Chinese, Korean, and English are available as well as Japanese, and not only local residents but also overseas patients visit us. You may feel free to use these languages at ease let alone at the medical consultation but also at the reception or accounting etc.

About Oda Clinic