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Endoscopic Examination (Friday)

Reasons why endoscopes in Oda Clinic are chosen


In Oda Clinic, it is possible to detect cancer or other diseases at the early stage by using endoscopy and choose the best treatment method. Also, it is possible to collect tissues samples with an endoscope and make a more appropriate diagnosis, which is also a great advantage. Hospitalization will be minimal (or no need of hospitalization), which will be a merit that the patient’s stress can be reduced. The endoscope that Oda Clinic has adopted, is the world’s first gastroscope to be put to practical use and is made by Olympus, which has 70% worldwide share of the digestive organ endoscope. It is thin and not painful, and anesthesia will be administered as needed in order to eliminate uncomfortable feeling so that the examination will complete without awareness; taking a meal is also possible. Oda Clinic is collaborating with Showa Medical University, the most authoritative in the endoscope, to accumulate clinical trials, thereby enabling to improve reliability and accurate diagnosis.

*If the polyp to be excised is 1 cm or smaller, the operation will be performed at our clinic.


About Gastroscope

This is an examination to observe esophagus, stomach, and duodenum by inserting a thin tube through the mouth.
In recent years, it has become a common sense in the medical world that stomach cancer, stomach ulcer, and gastritis are mostly caused by bacterial infections of Helicobacter pylori.
The endoscopic examination enables immediate judgment of the presence or absence of the infection and allows starting the sterilizing treatment.

About Colonoscope

This is an examination to observe the entire large intestine by inserting a thin tube through the anus.
Colonoscopy can detect diseases such as colitis, ulcer, colonic polyp, and cancer etc.
Accompanied by the westernization of dietary life, there is an increasing trend in recent years especially for colorectal cancer, and in most cases, there is no symptom at the early stage.

Regular Checkup is Recommended


A regular checkup is strongly recommended for the early detection, and for more reliable diagnosis. Also, early diagnosis contributes to the reduction of the patient’s medical costs. Endoscopy makes it easier to detect a trace of mucosal abnormality, and thus, early-stage diagnosis becomes easier, making a burden of the treatment on the patient small.

Diseases that become obvious by Endoscopic Examination
Colorectal cancer, Colonic polyp, Duodenal ulcer, Stomach cancer, Gastric ulcer, Gastritis, Esophageal cancer, Reflux esophagitis

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